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BCC Chiropractic Center

We offer the opportunity to learn how to live a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle

Improve your health related quality of life

Through the power of the spinal adjustment, the importance of spinal integrity to human health and the understanding that we as living organisms are far more than the sum of our individual parts

Quality Chiropractic Care for the General Public

Our students, closely supervised by a team of expert healthcare professionals, provide care to patients safely and competently.

Patients have access to reasonably priced quality care.

The team of clinical supervisors includes 6 experienced chiropractors and five experts from 4 inter-professional areas – nutrition, psychology, radiology and rehabilitation.

Each patient receives individualised care from their assigned intern with close supervisor oversight and always with careful consideration of patient confidentiality and data protection laws.

Life-long learning

Interns, under close supervision, apply the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will underpin their commitment to life-long learning.

Graduate Competencies

The interns are provided with clear guidance toward meeting the social contract by way of detailed graduate competencies developed with broad stakeholder involvement

Quality care

We provide healthcare to patients through quality chiropractic care, in collaboration with other healthcare providers, at a reasonable price.

We train high-level chiropractors

The BCC Chiropractic Center team provides quality chiropractic care to patients.

During the first two years of the study program, students observe and participate in certain aspects related to patients and the operation of the center itself. In the third academic year, students have to pass a rigorous examination for access to clinical practice, evaluating students in their abilities to start caring for patients, under a strict professional evaluation. It is at this stage, in which the patient’s assistance is fully reviewed by supervisory personnel, who are very well trained personnel.

The BCC Chiropractic Center in figures





Professionalism, technology and quality service

The Chiropractic Center combines the use of advanced imaging technology, analysis and treatment with active patient participation and collaboration with other health professionals.

Integral wellness

Benefits of Chiropractic

We work to minimize the effects of subluxation and optimize your nervous system. This job provides you with the opportunity to live a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Improves mobility of the spinal joints


Improved agility, balance, proprioception and posture

Cognitive functions

Improvement of cognitive functions such as attention / mind control

Reduce stress

Decreases the effects of stress on the body, balancing the autonomic nervous system

Our patient’s experience

I'm so happy to have came into contact with chiropractic. My intern at the BCC chiropractic student clinic was so kind and truly listened to me in each visit. I had severe low back pain for years, not a single health professional was able to help me. My intern student helped me to create awareness of how smart my own body is. I went from heavy pain to remain a maintenance patience for my spinal health.


I've been a patient of BCC for more than 3 months now. They're super professional and incredibly nice. The treatment helped a lot with my sports practice. If definitely recommend them!


The best treatment, service and attitude! Professional treatment for amazing price. Helped a lot with back pain, depression crisis, to improve the posture, overall feeling and a lot other things!


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Monday to Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Caponata Street 15-17
08034 (Sarrià – Barcelona)

Information and appointments

To request information or make an appointment, contact us by phone: +34 932 080 419